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March 22, 2019 Mirror

Sunburst Mirror to Highlight Special Space

Sunburst mirror, magic mirror, what do we stay with? Functional as well as decorative, few pieces offer both interior design and mirrors. Versatile and practical pieces that help us solve some decorative challenges, change style or disguise small construction defects. How about a few extra meters or more luminosity as if by magic? Did you know that we can gain light with mirrors? Mirrors serve much more than looking at us.

Decorative Sunburst Mirror

Decorative Sunburst Mirror

If you place a sunburst mirror in front of the window, it will reflect the natural light, getting a much more luminous room. At night, you can create a special atmosphere by placing candles in front of the mirror or a lamp with warm light. You can also play with the position and inclination of the mirrors and use them to illuminate dim areas. Mirrors have the ability to duplicate everything they reflect.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Sunburst Mirror to Highlight Special Space

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Image of: Decorative Sunburst Mirror

So it is important to think about the objects that we put in front of and not to abuse the decoration. In this sense, we can use sunburst mirror to highlight special pieces, such as a porcelain vase, in a way that allows us to appreciate it from different angles. Mirrors are in themselves a work of art and we can use them to decorate. A collage of mirrors is an excellent way to decorate a wall and benefit from all its advantages.

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