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Starburst Mirrors Design Ideas

Starburst mirrors are very decorative mirrors and easy to make, they give a very original retro look to any place. This type of mirror takes the name of the galaxies with a high concentration of stars, because their concentric rays remind us of the sun , as we draw them. It could be a very economical gift, elegant and most importantly, made by yourself. Place the hook on the back of the wooden circle with the hammer, a couple of centimeters from the edge. Now, place a generous amount of extra strong glue on the other side, to join it to the back of the mirror.

Colorful Starburst Mirrors

Colorful Starburst Mirrors

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Starburst mirrors, split the tablets approximately in half. Approximately because if the lengths are slightly irregular it will be even better. You can do it by stepping with your foot and using a saw to divide them. Now begin to stick the tablets to the wooden circle, around its edge. Glue them by the ends of cut, to avoid that they see the splinters once hung. A good idea is to stick the smaller pieces first, making them stay in the front, so that the longer ones are behind and do not cover them.

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Starburst mirrors, go filling the gaps, so that there are up to 3 pieces superimposed on different layers or levels. Make sure not to exceed three layers or the mirror could be twisted when hanging, not being flush with the wooden back.

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