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August 30, 2019 Mirror

How to Create Antiqued Mirror for Old Look

Antiqued Mirror – It is curious how at this time our everything old, aged, what reminds us of the past is so fashionable. And the truth is that it has its charm. Like those mirrors in which one can hardly look at oneself, but which seem to bring to the present reflections of remote times, glamor and an elegance and distant stories that sometimes it is difficult to find in new and perfect designs.

Heavily Antiqued Mirror

Heavily Antiqued Mirror

The first thing I want to emphasize is safety: try to carry out this small antiqued mirror project outdoors. This way you will get as much ventilation as possible. And you will avoid staining things at home. First, place the mirror face down on a soft and soft surface to protect it, like an old blanket or towel, or some cardboard. As the estimated time advances, you will see how the surface of the applied product begins to bubble and rise.

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Use a rag to thoroughly remove the paint stripper and the paint lifted from the back of the mirror. Now use the spatula to remove parts of resistant paint, with great care and without scratching the silver coating. Now, let’s apply the hydrochloric acid spray on the silver surface. Apply the strong water in the areas where you want to create that effect of the aged mirror, not in the whole mirror. When you see that the antiqued mirror effect of wear is sufficient, immediately neutralize the acid by pouring the water on the surface. After stopping the corrosion with the water, thoroughly clean the entire surface.

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