Bathroom Vents Installation Ideas

Jul 24th

Bathroom vents is an important component to maintain the temperature even in your attic throughout the year. In summer, it saves your shingles by keeping the board’s cooler and reducing your cooling costs in the winter by reducing the temperature difference which in turn prevents moisture from forming condensation. Did you know that having the right amount of attic ventilation is even required to enforce the warranty of most shingle manufacturers? When it comes to printing the most import ventilation problem occurs in winter.

Bathroom Vents with Lights
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In winter during the coldest months as we run our stove, the hot air comes out into the unheated cold attic room. When the hot air coming out into the cold attic it rises like hot always, he searched for the highest part of the attic where he then merged with the cold roof board. This hot-air-mass-meets-cold-surface phenomenon produces a condition known as dew point, which creates moisture in the form of water droplets and ice crystals.

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Bathroom fans are released directly into the attic or Soffit area rather than straight through the roof also to blame for the exacerbated moisture problems that lead to mold, wood-rot and health problems. More and more adults are bathing at home and the longer the more moisture will enter the attic. Even in some families the bathroom fans alone are the sole cause responsible for large fungal infestations. That’s the article about bathroom vents.

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